Clinical Case Study: Formlabs Temporary CB Resin

Clinical Case Study: Increase of Vertical Dimension of Occlusion (VDO) with Formlabs Temporary CB Resin in a Complex Rehabilitation Case

In this paper, Dr. Antonio Busato and dental technician Luca Giovenzana give a step-by-step overview of the digital process to plan and produce provisional restorations in a complex rehabilitation case with loss of vertical dimension of occlusion using CAD/CAM technology.

This clinical case shows the rehabilitation process of a patient with extensive wear and loss of VDO using CAD/CAM workflows. Patient registration was done via intraoral and facial scan in the dental practice. The data was combined and restorations were planned and designed via CAD software in the dental lab. Finally, these were produced in the dental laboratory with Formlabs’ Form 3B and Temporary CB Resin and sent back to the dental practice for cementation.


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