Builder 3D Upgrades Extreme PRO Range with Faster Print Speeds and More


You may remember back in May we covered the news that Builder 3D were upgrading their Extreme 3D printer range. The upgrades then included a 7” touchscreen, filament detection and a UPS system for the Extreme 1000, Extreme 1500 and Extreme 2000. The company aren’t stopping there though and have since announced they will be upgrading the Extreme Pro range again for new orders in 2020.

The Extreme 1000 PRO, Extreme 1500 PRO and Extreme 2000 PRO will be getting three upgrades for 2020:

An enhanced print speed of up to 300 mm p/s with a print travel speed up to 500 mm p/s. This is a significant increase, with previous Extreme models offering a print speed up to 120 mm p/s and a travel speed up to 200 mm p/s.

Automatic build plate levelling. This automatically levels the build plate at the start of the print to create a reliable first layer. Older models have manual plate levelling, so this new feature brings automation to the print experience.

An aluminium build plate. This is completely flat and reaches temperatures up to 60 °C without over expansion. It’s a necessary component for automatic bed levelling, but also has the benefit of distributing heat better than glass.

Additionally, the Extreme 1000 PRO, Extreme 1500 PRO and Extreme 2000 PRO will be offered with a BOFA air filter. This is optional and available separately. It provides high fume evacuation and an excellent filtration rate.

Builder 3D Printers

The Builder Extreme 1000 PRO, Extreme 1500 PRO and Extreme 2000 PRO are large-format 3D printers designed for engineering and industrial applications.

All three 3D printers share the same features, such as a 7” touchscreen, multi-filament detection, an uninterrupted power supply and a dual-feed extrusion system. The difference between them comes in their build volume.

The Extreme 1000 PRO has a 700 x 700 x 820 mm (LxWxH) build volume, the Extreme 1500 PRO has a 1100 x 500 x 820 mm build volume, and the Extreme 2000 PRO has a 700 x 700 x 1700 mm build volume.

These are among the largest build volumes for enclosed 3D printers in the world, enabling you to 3D print large parts that you would otherwise print as a series of smaller parts in one sitting. The enclosed build chamber is also insulated, reducing 3D printing noise by 40% over comparable machines for a quieter experience.

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