BREAKING NEWS: Markforged Release Onyx FR – A Flame Retardant Material

Markforged have just announced the launch of a new material, Onyx FR, a material which will actually self-extinguish if it catches fire.

Onyx FR shares similar mechanical properties as standard Onyx (strong, lightweight, matt finish), with the addition that it has flame retardant properties. Onyx FR achieved V-0 rating on the UL94 flammability test. These properties make Onyx FR ideal for automotive parts, aerospace, defence & electronic housing applications.

Onyx FR will be available for existing owners of the Markforged Industrial Series 3D printers: X3, X5 and X7.

It is important to note that the V-0 rating was done on a solid piece of Onyx FR (100% infill with no continuous fibres added). If you require any certification or testing this will still need to take place after 3D printing your model.