BREAKING: Formlabs Launches Grey Pro Resin and Rigid Resin

New Engineering Re
Formlabs has today announced two new resins for the Form 2 – Grey Pro Resin and Rigid Resin. Grey Pro Resin is an advanced version of Formlabs’ standard Grey Resin, while Rigid Resin is an all-new engineering resin reinforced with glass.

Here’s everything you need to know about them:

Grey Pro Resin

Grey Pro Resin

Grey Pro Resin is a reformulated, improved version of Grey Resin, which Formlabs launched in January last year. Grey Pro Resin has been engineered for concept modelling and functional prototyping, with high precision, moderate elongation, and low creep. It has a crisp look that is perfect for printing intricate designs.

Formlabs Grey Pro Resin

This versatile prototyping resin prints with a matte, opaque finish, and hides its layer lines very well. It prints at 100 and 50 microns, allowing you to capture fine detail or print at speed. Crucially, thinner features won’t print transparent, allowing you to print intricate designs that are 100 per cent opaque. Grey Pro Resin is suitable for:

• Form and fit testing
• Injection moulded product prototypes
• Mould masters for plastics, silicones, and more
• Jigs and fixtures for manufacturing

Rigid Resin

Rigid Resin

Rigid Resin is a unique photopolymer that’s reinforced with glass for very high stiffness, impact strength, heat resistance, and dimensional stability. This new material has the highest young’s modulus (a measure of stiffness) of all Formlabs’ materials, so it is highly resistant to deformation over time.

Formlabs Rigid Resin

Because it is reinforced with glass, Rigid Resin is a more brittle material than Formlabs’ Tough and Durable resins. However, it is stiffer than both these materials. This makes it a good option for printing thin walls and delicate features, such as filigree detailing. It prints at a layer height of 100 and 50 microns. Rigid Resin is suitable for:

• Turbines and fan blades
• Jigs
• Fixtures
• Tools
• Manifolds
• Electrical casings
• Automotive housings


Both Grey Pro Resin and Rigid Resin are available to pre-order through GoPrint3D. Both materials are supplied as a 1-litre cartridge, for use with the Form 2 3D printer.