BREAKING: Formlabs Announces Tough 1500 Resin for Tough, Pliable Prototyping

Tough 1500 glasses

Imaged above: Glasses printed in Tough 1500 Resin. 

3D Printing tough and durable parts that bend and quickly return to shape has just been made possible with the launch of Tough 1500 Resin. The new resin is ideal for printing stiff but pliable parts like jigs and fixtures.

The keyword to describe Tough 1500 Resin is resilience. Whereas materials like Tough Resin and Durable resin resist flex, Tough 1500 embraces it to bend without losing any strength or mechanical cohesion. Parts printed in Tough 1500 Resin bend and spring back quickly under repeated cyclic loading. 

The ability to resist fluctuating stresses, strains, forces and tensions mean Tough 1500 Resin is the most resilient material in the Tough family. With it, you can print springy parts, prototypes, casings and assemblies, as well as snap-fit and press-fit connectors thanks to its good tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

It is similar in strength and stiffness to polypropylene, the thermoplastic most widely used to make living hinges, textiles, plastic parts and consumer goods.

Other materials in Formlabs’ engineering library include Tough Resin, which is stronger but less pliable than Tough 1500 Resin, and Durable Resin, which offers the greatest impact strength with similar strength and stiffness to polyethylene (PE).

You can find out more about all these resins on the Formlabs site here.