BREAKING: Formlabs Announce Dental SG Resin

Dental SG Resin Formlabs

Formlabs has today announced a new resin for dental professionals called Dental SG Resin. It is the company’s first biocompatible resin designed for dental applications.

Dental SG Resin is a CE-Certified and FDA registered Class 1 biocompatible material conforming to EN-ISO 10993-1:2009/AC:2010. It has been specially formulated for use in dental labs and practices and Formlabs state that it can be used to directly print surgical and drill guides, educational models, bleaching trays and other dental equipment. It can also be autoclaved and sterilised and it has been specially formulated for the Form 2.

Back in February, we discussed how the Formlabs Form 2 is being used in dentistry. We covered the story of  Dr. Michael Scherer, who uses 3D printing to create his own surgical guides more cost-effectively than he ever could through traditional techniques. Dental SG Resin is an all-new formulation for the very same applications, only this resin is designed for accuracy and precision first and foremost. With it, dental professionals can directly print surgical and pilot drill guides with incredible accuracy. It requires post-UV curing for 10 minutes at 60°C under UV-A and UV-Blue light to achieve the best results.

It’s important to note that right now, Dental SG Resin is not available to buy. It is still being tested by Formlabs and as such, today was just an announcement that the company is working on a new product for dental professionals.

To find out more about Dental SG Resin, please check out Formlabs’ official announcement on their blog and their official product page. As noted, this product has not been released yet. It is still in testing. Interested parties should contact Formlabs directly for more information.

In addition to Dental SG Resin, Formlabs also announced today that they have improved several other resin formulations, including Clear, Black, Flexible and Tough Resins. They also announced a new ‘Materials Manager’ for users, which allows one to track Resin consumption and tank usage more accurately than ever before.


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