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Markforged HQ has certainly been busy over the past few months with three new printers plus a new software update for their metal printers recently announced.

Here’s a quick update below. If you want any further information, please book a discovery call with our Markforged specialists Kevin Askew or Ian Smith.
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FX20 is the biggest, fastest, and most sophisticated 3D printer Markforged has ever developed. Capable of printing high-temperature thermoplastics with continuous carbon fiber, this beast of a machine delivers high-strength, aerospace-grade parts at the click of a button.

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Metal X Gen 2 has improvements  for both user experience and operator safety. Including a external 7” touchscreen and door position sensors. The Gen 2 features additional chamber insulation, making the Gen 2 even more energy efficient.

See the Metal X Gen 2 datasheet

Next Day Metal enables faster build times by providing more accurate wash and dry times for smaller parts, ultimately shortening the de-bind cycle time of a print. The software update is available on both the Metal X and Metal X Gen 2. Double your print speed and get a fully-sintered part in as little as 28 hours.

Watch the video here


X7 Field Edition This is a field-deployable version of the Markforged X7. Built to operate in the harshest of remote locations, the system is capable of 3D printing within two minutes of being unpacked, streamlining spare part production and emergency repairs in all four corners of the globe.

See the X7 FE Brochure