What is BCN3D IDEX Technology and How it Can Benefit You

BCN3D printers all have a signature technology – IDEX which stands for Independent Dual Extrusion, the only extrusion system capable of printing with two heads independently. BCN3D were the first company to develop IDEX technology revolutionizing the 3D printing industry.



What is IDEX technology?

This unique technology allows a BCN3D printer to use both tool heads simultaneously and independently. In 3D printers, they usually have a series of mechanical axis X, Y and Z positions the tool head, and E is responsible for the filament in the extruder. With IDEX technology these axes are doubled which means the printer shares the Y and Z axes while the two extruders have their individual X and E axes. Having double the axes makes it possible to print with two tool heads independently.


IDEX technology unlocks different types of printing modes. These printing modes are duplication mode, mirror mode and multiple material mode. With duplication mode, you can print a part in the same material and it will be the same part on either side of the print bed, this increases productivity due to the double printing capacity. You can get twice as many parts with duplication mode.

Mirror mode allows you to print a left side and a right side part again doubling the productivity as you only need one STL file for both parts. The printer will automatically mirror the part for you.

Multiple material mode can print complex geometries with soluble supports, in two different colours and you can combine two compatible materials.

Benefits of IDEX technology

There are many benefits of IDEX technology: users can print in complex pieces and also combine materials to get different mechanical properties in one print. You can also combine two different colours in one print. The two tool heads are controlled independently which will prevent any cross-contamination the print head, not in use will remain on one side which prevents the dripping of plastic.

Thanks to the technology this reduces the cost of the printers, for the same number of printers you can get double the parts due to the duplication and mirror print modes.



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