Announcing Our Partnership with Filkemp


GoPrint3D can today announce a distribution partnership with Filkemp SA, a globally recognised leading manufacturer and innovator of industrial-grade filaments. The partnership will see us stock a wide range of exciting 3D printing filaments which push the boundaries for quality and application.

Filkemp SA is a leading global manufacturer of plastics, polymers and copolymers, with a history that dates back to the 70s, when they were a department within the multinational Hoechst AG. In 1998, they split from Hoechst AG to become a specialised filament producer.

Today, Filkemp has a presence in over 40 countries. Their manufacturing plant in Portugal makes plastics for a wide variety of industries, from agriculture and fishing to sports and construction. Their latest venture into 3D printing will see them launch and develop an exciting range of filaments which are of exceptional quality for industrial-grade application.

These include low-temp Nylon, which can print at 230 °C and is pre-lubricated with Lubricity™ Technology to aid extrusion and reduce nozzle wear; PETG, which yields stronger parts than ABS with high rigidity and the printing ease of PLA; and PLA-N, a next-generation biopolymer that is around 27% stronger than regular PLA but just as easy to print.

As Filkemp’s authorised distribution partner in the United Kingdom, customers can contact us directly for information about Filkemp 3D Printing Technical Filaments.

All of us at GoPrint3D and Filkemp are extremely excited about this partnership, and we look forward to helping you discover and use these amazing new 3D printing filaments.

You can find out more about Filkemp on their official website.  Both Filkemp and GoPrint3D are exhibiting at TCT this week (held at the NEC, Birmingham) where they will have a number of free samples to give away.

For all customer enquiries, please call us on 01765 540 115 or Talk To Us at Alternatively, send us an enquiry from our contact page. Thank you.

Top image credit: Filkemp