AMT Launches PostPro Surface Finishing (SF) Systems at Formnext 

Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) has launched its next-gen chemical vapour smoothing systems for 3D printing. The PostPro Surface Finishing (SF) systems are more efficient and quicker, unlocking greater capability.

The PostPro SF100 has Industry 4.0 automation and a processing chamber of 100 litres, while the PostPro SF50 has a 50-litre chamber. Both will seamlessly connect with external MES and ERP software.

AMT set out to reduce the overall part cost associated with chemical vapour smoothing, which traditionally has a high cost per part.


The PostPro SF systems use fewer consumables and recycle consumables more efficiently while reducing cycle time by 25 per cent. 

The technology can be applied to SLS, HP MJF, FDM, FFF, and FGF printed parts and a wide range of materials to automate smoothing.

Compatibility and capability 

Both the SF100 and SF50 can smooth the following materials:

  • Elastomers: TPEs, TPUs, PEBAs, SBCs
  • Rigid plastic: PA6, PA11, PA12, ABS, PC
  • Composites: Carbon filled, Glass-filled, Flame retardant, Nanocomposites

The SF range reduces surface roughness by over 800% for rigid plasters and over 1,000% for elastomers, creating smooth, perfect parts.

The result of this is injection-moulded surface quality without degrading the surface of the plastic. After vapour smoothing, parts exhibit no more than a 0.4%-dimensional change, and parts do not bleed colour, retaining vibrancy.

AMT’s tests of vapour smoothed parts also show no loss in ultimate tensile strength, and for some materials, an increase in Elongation at Break (EAB).


The SF100 and SF50 have fully automated vapour smoothing processes, so you can leave them during cycles. The plug and play technology integrate with your workflow, and you can sync the machines with MES and ERP software.

Because it’s compatible with SLS, HP MJF, FDM, FFF, and FGF, PostPro chemical vapour smoothing technology is suitable for all applications. You won’t find the technology anywhere else either because it is patented and non-licensable.

AMT PostPro Surface Finishing systems are perfect for smoothing complex geometries and internal cavities without degrading the mechanical properties. 

Find out more

AMT PostPro systems are available at Additive-X. Contact our award-winning team on 01765 694 007 or email to find out more