A Quick Guide to Markforged Eiger Software

Eiger is Markforged’s slicer and 3D print preparation software used exclusively with Markforged 3D printers.

It’s a clever piece of kit, capable of slicing, scaling, orientating and filling designs with fibre reinforcement.

In other words, Eiger is an all-in-one software solution for Markforged customers, taking care of slicing and print preparation. It is designed to quickly take you from CAD to functional part with a simple, rapid workflow.

Eiger differs from other 3D file slicing programs because it’s integrated into Markforged’s Continuous Fibre Fabrication (CFF) technology. It manipulates the fibre routing location in parts, creating stronger, optimised parts.

What does Eiger do?

Eiger takes of slicing, fibre reinforcement, 3D print preparation, project management, cloud storage and printer fleet management (with Eiger Fleet). It’s an all-in-one software product and the only software Markforged users need.

Eiger lets you print composite parts reinforced with continuous fibres and metals.

Eiger parts

You can prep parts for printing with a single click or drill deeply into part settings to optimise your final product for different qualities.

You can monitor print progress in real-time anywhere in the world with login credentials, and support is fully integrated into the software. With Eiger Fleet, you can manage multiple printers, connect them, and manage workflow easily.

Eiger versions

Eiger is available in three versions:

  • Eiger Core: Eiger Core, also known as simply Eiger, is a cloud-based 3D printing solution designed for single users and small teams that want to share, collaborate and connect through a unified platform. When you buy a single Markforged printer, this is the version you will use.
  • Eiger Fleet: Eiger Fleet is a cloud-based software solution designed to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing operations at scale. It automates business processes through integrations with a company’s existing enterprise systems to expand access to the Digital Forge.
  • Eiger offline: Eiger offline takes you from CAD to print when you don’t have an internet connection or when internet access is limited.

What is The Digital Forge?

When we talk about Eiger, we often refer to The Digital Forge, which is Markforged’s platform of software + materials + printers. As a Markforged customer, you are a member of The Digital Forge, tying you to a unified platform.

The Digital Forge consists of the following components:

  • Software – Eiger, Eiger Fleet.
  • Materials – Onyx, nylon, carbon fibre, metals, etc.
  • Printers – Mark Two, Onyx Pro, Onyx One, X3, X5, X7, Metal X.

Markforged describes The Digital Forge as an “intuitive Additive Manufacturing platform for modern manufacturers.” Reading between the lines, it’s a unifying platform that creates a seamless, consistent and high-quality 3D printing experience.

Often, 3D printer manufacturers create a great piece of hardware (printer) but neglect the software experience. Markforged has perfected both, delivering what we believe is one of the 3D printing platforms in the world.

Find out more about Eiger

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