3DGence Releases INDUSTRY F420 3D printer


3DGence has launched a new 3D printer which could revolutionise how engineers manufacture high-performance products.

The INDUSTRY F420 can print traditional thermoplastics like ABS and PLA, specialised materials like polycarbonate, PA and ASA, and the engineering polymers PEEK and ULTEM AM9085F, giving rise to its suitability for a wide range of applications.

ULTEM AM9085F has one of the highest tensile strengths of ANY FDM filament, so it is perfect for manufacturing strong and durable parts. Derivatives of ULTEM are widely used in medical and chemical instrumentation. PEEK is one of the most robust polymers on the planet, with outstanding chemical and temp resistance. It is used in demanding applications, including bearings, piston parts and pumps.


The INDUSTRY F420 is capable of printing these engineering materials in addition to standard plastics because it has interchangeable print modules. The Module M280, Module M360 and Module M500 print at temperatures up to 280°C, 360°C and 500°C respectively. All you do is swap out a module to print with a different material.


This is also a dual extruder 3D printer, with the second extruder system capable of printing the support materials ESM-10 and HIPS.

With the ability to print at speeds up to 400 mm/s and a large 380 x 380 x 420 mm build volume, it’s easy to see why the INDUSTRY F420 has engineers so excited — not only can it print high-performance materials, it can accommodate large builds and print faster than most other FDM printers on the market.


The F420 has a heated build chamber capable of reaching 180°C and a heated build plate which is made from glass. The build plate is dual-function, with plastic sheets which enable you to print specific materials with greater reliability.

Other features of the INDUSTRY F420 include:

– Automatic spool change mid-print thanks to a second spool bay
– Automatic material detection with NFC
– ULT filtration unit which can filter emissions and dust
– UPS (uninterrupted power supply) with a capacity up to 71ah
– 3DGence Cloud support with remote controls and a live camera feed
– Rapid build chamber heating system (patent pending)

To find out more about the INDUSTRY F420, please visit our product page.