3DGence Launches ELEMENT Metal FFF 3D Printer Range


3DGence has launched two metal Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printers that offer a cheaper alternative to metal injection moulding (MIM) production. The new ELEMENT series includes a compact and mid-size model.

In a bold move, 3DGence has entered the metal 3D printing market with technology more suited to thermoplastics. The ELEMENT series prints non-polymer materials with FFF, using a proprietary extrusion system that offers speed and reliability.

How do ELEMENT metal 3D printers work? 

The ELEMENT series prints bound metal filaments made by 3DGence, using technology designed to handle a diverse range of metals. Metal FFF is nothing new, but 3Dgence has refined it to offer greater scalability without sacrificing quality.


The metal filament material combines metal powders and binders to create a solid spool. Once printed, the material undergoes de-binding and is sintered to remove the binder and to produce the final, full metal part.

FFF is the most affordable type of metal 3D printing because it is accessible to nearly every FFF 3D printer with a metal nozzle.

The ELEMENT series will launch next month, starting with the MP260, as well as the MP260X. The X variant has an improved extrusion system for greater throughput and a hardened nozzle with a material detection system.

3Dgence is also launching a larger model, the ELEMENT MP350, which has all the benefits of the MP260X with a bigger build volume.


“In the past two years, Metal FFF technology has made significant progress as an affordable entry into metal part prototyping and production,” said Sebastian Sczasny, Technology Portfolio Director, MS Galleon, and Group CEO, 3DGence.

“The number of desktop systems that can print open market metal filaments has increased, and the current key industrial players are experiencing consistent growth despite the economic impact stemming from Covid-19.”

“3DGence is now entering the Metal FFF segment with middle and compact-sized Metal FFF 3D Printers to provide a solid, reliable option in the entry and middle-priced segments providing industrial-grade quality at scalable pricing with our ELEMENT Series MDM printers.”

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