3DGence Introduces Module HF for INDUSTRY F340


3DGence has announced a new 3D printing module for their flagship 3D printer, the INDUSTRY F340. The Module HF is engineered to print abrasive materials and composites like carbon fibre and fibreglass. It is setup out of the box to print PA-CF and PA-GF, two reinforced materials.

“HF module was implemented to meet the customer needs which are increasing applications of carbon fiber or glass reinforced materials in their work.” says Mikołaj Skorupa, 3D Printing Application Engineer, 3DGence, “Parts manufactured with PA-CF and PA-GF are characterized by increased thermal resistance, but also the hardness and durability. These plastics are commonly used in the injection process in industry and very well known to our customers.”

The module is so-called because it is a modular system, allowing the end user to quickly and easily replace modules depending on the required material. Each module is designed to work with a specific group of materials, in this case industrial-grade composites and reinforced materials. The HF Module joins the Module PRO, Module HT and Module HTMax in the accessory range, which print materials like PEEK, Nylon and PP.


“There are a lot of 3D printers on the market today, which are compatible with a very narrow range of materials, it is associated with the need to have several different devices,” says Dominik Fitowski, Export Manager, 3DGence. “[The] 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 is the exception in the industrial 3D printers segment. It has been equipped with a modular system, which is a more practical and more cost-effective solution.

To print from a wide range of materials you do not need to buy a new machine, just replace the module. Customers can choose the ideal device to suit their needs, they can upgrade it and add other printing modules.”

In addition, the HF Module is the first 3DGence module to be equipped with 0.6mm nozzles. This allows more material to be extruded, increasing print speed considerably. On some geometries, 3DGence quotes a print shortening time of up to 40%, which is considerable. On larger models, this speed increase will really come into its own.

“We decided to introduce a new module with 0.6 mm nozzles because it will allow us to produce details from ABS in a much shorter time than before,” says Filip Turzyński, Quality Development Manager, 3DGence, “On some geometries, we get up to 40% shortening of the print time.

The INDUSTRY F340 is a reliable, robust extrusion-based 3D printer capable of producing parts in a range of materials. The Module HF is available for purchase soon as an accessory. You can find out more about the printer it is designed for here. We are an official 3DGence reseller.

Module HF specifications

– Nozzle diameter: 0.6mm
– Print temperature range: 190°C – 265°C
– Model materials: PA-CF, PA-GF*, ABS, ASA
– Support materials: ESM-10 (soluble), HIPS (breakaway).

If you need to 3D print robust parts for end-use applications and PA-CF and PA-GF meet your mechanical requirements, this new module is what you want.


This information was first published by 3DGence.