3D Printing & Reverse Engineering Event Is A Success

Kevin Askew demonstrating Markforged's software, Eiger
Kevin Askew demonstrating Markforged’s software, Eiger

Last week we ran an event in partnership with Mintronics on CAD, 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering & 3D Printing. It was a huge success (despite some unforecasted heavy snow in the morning which caused a bit of a delay) with delegates attending from a range of industry sectors, including automotive, defence and higher education.

Our Sales Director, James Blackburn, kicked off the day by welcoming everyone to GoPrint3D HQ before doing a quick introduction to GoPrint3D and our speakers before handing over to John Minto.

The Speakers from GoPrint3D

James Blackburn
James Blackburn, Sales Director at GoPrint3D
Kevin Askew
Kevin Askew, Business Development Manager, GoPrint3D
Darren Ayres
Darren Ayres, Operations Director, GoPrint3D

John Minto then introduced his company, Mintronics, along with his event speakers before commencing with the first session of the day, Designing for 3D Printing with Alibre 2018 with David Jupp.

The Speakers from Mintronics

John Minto
John Minto, Owner & Director, Mintronics
David Jupp
David Jupp, Chief Consultant, Mintronics

David did a thorough demonstration of Alibre, creating two parts that were then passed over to Kevin Askew and Darren Ayres for their session “3D Printing Using Zortrax 3D Printers”.

Kevin and Darren the proceeded to run through how you would go about preparing a file for 3D printing, covering all the different options on Z-Suite as well as how to transfer the files to the 3D printer and then set it off. 3D prints were started earlier in the day, and overnight, to ensure that attendees could see the 3D print in action at different stages, as well as a completed print which was then passed around the room.

Zortrax M200
The Zortrax M200 with David Jupp’s design being 3D printed.

Once Kevin and Darren had finished the demonstration we took a break for lunch, at this point people had a chance to chat to the speakers, speak to our team of 3D printing specialists and get a good look around all the 3D printers in our showroom.

People Chatting
Delegates chatting to the speakers and members of the GoPrint3D team.

After lunch there was a quick introduction by James and John again for those that joined in the afternoon, followed by Robert Footitt, Consultant Engineer for Mintronics. Rob was doing a 3D scanning and reverse engineering demonstration.

The HP 3D Scanner, scanning the car part, in the background the Zortrax M200 filmed live on the TV 3D printing David Jupp's design from earlier in the day.
The HP 3D Scanner, scanning the car part, in the background the Zortrax M200 filmed live on the TV 3D printing David Jupp’s design from earlier in the day.

Once Rob had finished his session the file was passed once again to Kevin and Darren from GoPrint3D, this time to run through how you would go about printing it on the Form 2, using PreForm, and the Mark Two, using Eiger.

Kevin Askew demonstrating how to use PreForm
Kevin Askew demonstrating how to use PreForm

Again the part was set off printing early on, and as per Blue Peter, we had “one we made earlier” to pass around the room, see the gallery below for more photos.

Overall it was a successful day, our delegates seemed happy (despite the snow in the morning).

We asked our attendees “What did you like about the event?”, here’s what they said:


“The opportunity to view a range of 3D printing technologies and to discuss these with your staff.”

“That it linked 3D CAD, scanning and printing at a single event”

“Was interesting.”

“Organisation. Contents.”

“Open to questions & discussion. Knowledgeable hosts.”

“Availability to ask questions.”

“Demonstrations of variety of machines and advice.”

“Knowledge Sharing.”

“Markforged onyx.”

“Friendly. Informative.”

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