3D Printing Orthopaedic Devices With Liquid Silicone


3D printing with silicone is game-changing for the orthopaedics industry, which uses silicone to make non-rigid parts for orthopaedic devices, such as liners that reduce strain on joints.


The Lynxter S600D prints skin-friendly silicone developed with silicone chemistry experts COP Chimie. The silicone is suitable for all external healthcare applications, including orthopaedic devices.


Lynxter and COP Chimie’s collaboration developed a specific application for this technology – the 3D silicone liner – to test the fit and finish. The liner is printed in COPSIL 3D 1025, two-component RTV-2 silicone, certified for skin contact (ISO 10993-5).


Lynxter developed a print profile library for the silicone material and tool heads for the precise depositing of strings of silicone. The net result is a reliable, efficient 3D printing process that produces high-quality parts.


The custom liner takes only a few hours to print versus the days it takes to mould traditionally. Parts are repeatable, and multiple runs are achievable in one day, allowing healthcare professionals to prototype multiple liners.


Reducing manufacturing time and complexity opens the door to a new era of orthopaedics work, where custom medical devices are made in real-time.


Traditionally, the manufacturing of custom devices is constrained by lead times, with custom moulds shipped to factories and labs. Practitioners are at the mercy of the outsourced partner. Moving silicone part production in-house unlocks ultimate efficiency, reducing the time it takes to complete customer treatment.


Medical experts can have confidence in the COPSIL3D silicon range based on a two-component RTV2 silicone technology. The S600D is the first 3D printer of its kind, letting you switch between LAM (Liquid Additive Manufacturing Technology) and FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication).


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This story was originally covered on the Lynxter blog.