3D Printing Medals for the Fountains 10K

When we were approached by Mark Reed (Organiser of the Fountains 10K) with the opportunity to sponsor the Fountains 10K late in 2017 we jumped at the chance. The Fountains 10K is a challenging multi-terrain race starting and finishing in Grantley held annually (29th April this year).

After agreeing to donate a 3D printer to the Fountains CE Primary School Mark suggested we 3D print the medals and the winning trophies – we thought it was a great way to tell the local community about GoPrint3D and to give them all something 3D printed.

It just so happened that we had two Finnish interns working with us for a few weeks, Minna and Amina, who were a dab hand at designing. They got to work designing the medal.

Our designs for the medals and trophies went through a number of iterations:

In the end we agreed to go with these designs:

Once the design was agreed upon we started 3D printing the medals back in February. In the meantime we installed the 3D printer at the school and taught the teachers how to use it and how to use TinkerCAD.

After the training, all was left was for us to finish printing the medals. Once the medals were finished printing we attached the ribbons and stuck each one to a card which tells you a bit more information about your 3D printed medal. These will be given out this Sunday to all those that manage to complete the Fountains 10K. Here’s a photo of what you can expect in your goody bag:

The final medal took 1 hour 25 minutes to print on an Ultimaker 2+ using 8g of Silver PLA at a material cost of £0.08. Photo taken by Mark Reed

We were delighted to receive a card signed by the pupils at Fountains CE Primary School. It put a big smile on a lot of faces, so thanks to the kids!

Now all is left is for the GoPrint3D team to run the Fountains 10K race this Sunday. Wish us luck!