3D Printing ESD Safe Components with Essentium Materials


Essentium ESD safe materials are brilliant, letting you additively manufacture high-quality, end-use ESD safe components like fixtures, jigs, connectors and enclosures for electronics applications.

The Z Collection spans rigid PTCG and flexible TPUs, providing a complete material workflow. With consistent quality and reliable performance, you can go from assembly caps to suction cups in two printing sessions.

TTM Technologies and speciality components 

TTM Technologies, a top-five global printed circuit board (PCB) provider, uses Essentium’s Z Collection to manufacture ESD-safe speciality components for customers, such as stands, caps, spacers, connectors and custom jigs and fixtures.

As an electronics manufacturer, TTM has to design ESD safety into its operations, and 3D printing is the only practical solution for specialist components because it enables designers to prototype rapidly at minimal cost in-house.

TTM tried many different ESD-safe filaments from other companies but found that most of them had a marring effect, where parts can damage other tools.

Their search for non-marring, ESD safe materials led them to Essentium. Essentium’s Z Collection has non-marring properties, enabling a wider range of components that won’t impact other tools in the manufacturing cycle.

Essentium PCTG-Z


TTM Technologies uses Essentium PCTG-Z to manufacture large fixtures for select high-volume, high-value parts, including custom fixtures and handlers.

Essentium PCTG-Z has extreme impact resistance and is strong enough for lightly loaded fixtures. TTM saves thousands of dollars in production costs with PCTG-Z, replacing more costly production processes and ESD-safe coatings.

Essentium TPU 95A-Z


TTM uses TPU 95A-Z to manufacture masking caps for various connector sizes, eliminating the need for tape to avoid painting over the connectors.

A medium durometer filament, Essentium TPU 95A-Z, has high elongation at break and excellent flexibility. TTM struggled with taping over connectors for years due to the time it took, so TPU 95A-Z solved a frequent bottleneck.

Results from 3D printing

TTM lowered costs, alleviated bottlenecks and increased production capacity with Essentium’s ESD-safe materials. The non-marring properties were a game-changer, letting designers design parts without limitations.

This case study was originally covered by Essentium.

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