3D Printing In Architecture

Making models with fine detail and high accuracy

Looking to save time and money on model making *and* get better results?

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Why do we need 3D printing in Architecture?

3D printing saves time and money for architectural model making without compromising on quality.  Create stunning displays including fine detail at small scale, exactly as you want them. Print from a CAD design file with true-to-design output and dimensional accuracy. Make large, detailed models in a single piece.

Why do we need 3D printing in Architecture?

Printed models can show finer details whilst still being sturdy. Models can be prototyped, changed and reproduced with significant time savings over traditional methods. 3D printed models can combine multiple pieces in to a single assembly

Why printing over conventional manufacturing?

The 3D printing workflow (CAD design | print | finish) is clean, quiet and can dramatically reduce the time to create a final physical model. Some designs can only be manufactured layer by layer using additive technology because of their complex geometry and detail. Equally, you can 3D print moulds to be used to cast the final models.

Considering how you could make use of 3D printing?

Let us introduce you to the most popular 3D printers in Architecture. Get some of your models 3D printed by us to evaluate different materials and see just what detail and quality can be achieved. When you have chosen a 3D printer we have everything you need to get started, including training and on-going support.

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Ideal For Architecture Printing

Formlabs Form 3+

*Top Choice* fast, accurate, reliable SLA printer, fine detail (25 μm), range of materials

Ultimaker S5

High-performance dual-extrusion desktop 3D printer

Builder Extreme 1500 PRO

Versatile large scale FFF printer with a build volume of 1100 x 500 x 820 mm, 200 μm

Ultimaker 2+ Connect

Small desktop filament 3D printer designed for fast, efficient single material printing

BCN3D Epsilon W27

Independent dual-extrusion FFF 3D printer with 420 x 300 x 220mm build volume, 50 μm

Standard and custom samples • On-line and in-person demonstrations

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