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Why do we need 3D printing for Jewellery?

3D printing has changed the jewellery industry, enabling designers to create pieces that would be impossible to create using traditional manufacturing methods. 

In some cases 3D printed jewellery is also more affordable to produce than traditional jewellery, making it more accessible to a wider range of people.

What can you achieve with 3D printing?

3D printing allows for a level of detail and complexity that is simply not possible with more traditional methods, and it opens up new possibilities for jewellery design. It is also possible to create custom-designed jewellery that is perfectly suited to the wearer’s individual style.

You can print jewellery patterns with exquisitely smooth surfaces, resulting in less filing and polishing of your parts after casting. This not only saves time, but also reduces the waste of precious metals, and saves you money.

Why printing over conventional manufacturing?

3D printing can remove the need for
outsourcing during manufacturing of custom jewellery and allows for designs to be amended within hours rather than days.

It can often take more than 80 hours to creating a design and it see it through to the finished wax model. With 3D printing, this process takes less than a tenth of the time! This means designers are able to spend additional time using their skills to create even more beautiful new jewellery pieces.

Digital design and digital manufacturing is enabling jewellers to efficiently create even the most complex models with high accuracy. It is also easy to preserve custom designs, which can be modified or recreated as needed.

Considering whether to adopt digital manufacturing?

3D printing brings a multitude of benefits, from retailers and designers producing custom jewellery to large casting houses manufacturing at scale. Jewellers can scale their business with a fleet of reliable 3D printers.

To find out how you and your team can take advantage of the latest 3D printing technology designed for jewellers contact the team at Additive-X today!

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Ideal For Jewellery Printing

Formlabs Form 3+

The Form 3+’s seamless print process, high accuracy, and smooth surface finish allow you to move directly from design to production. Whether you are 3D printing try-on pieces for customers, ready to cast custom jewellery, or masters for reusable jewellery moulds, Formlabs offers a material up to the task.

Formlabs Form 3L

Take control of large-scale jewellery production, increase your throughput, and bring your biggest ideas to life with the Formlabs 3L

A Complete 3D Printing Solution for Jewellery

Discover how to move directly from design to production.


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Mayku Form Sheets - prototype products and enhance your craft projects with the Mayku FormBox

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